Erm, Hello Everyone, Bumbling Here! I Hope You Are Happy Today. I’m A Bit Timid And Don’t Like Public Speaking, But I’ll Try And Give This A Go Without Going Bright Purple. As You Are Visiting This Website, You Must Be A Super Rad Earthling Who Wants To Do Good And Feel Good. Braveling, Can You Please Explain How…

Sure Can. Your Planet Earth Is A Beautiful Place. Much Nicer Than Jupiter! To Keep It Beautiful, Your Kids Must Play An Important Role. They Are The Climate Heroes Of The Future. Our Books Include Exciting Storylines, Fun Facts And Simple Climate Solutions That Your Kids Can Practice. Building Their Superhero Powers So When They Are Big And Brave Like Me They Can Defeat The Evil Dr Heat! HAHA! That Rhymes! But There’s ANOTHER Great Reason To Help, Isn’t There Sparkling…

Absoluuuutely! I’d Like You To Meet Our Besties… Mabel’s Enterprise. Not A Normal Business. Firstly, It’s Spearheaded By A Sparkly 91-Year Old Earthling Called Mabel. Did You Know She Survived A War And Cancer? Such A Beautiful Soul. Secondly, Mabel’s Enterprise Is A Community Interest Company. Meaning That Every Single Penny Of Profit They Make Is Given To Mabel’s Fund. Like The Tingalings, Mabel’s Fund Has A Very Important Mission. To Inspire Children By Funding Extra-Curricular Activities At Schools Located Within Areas Of High Child Poverty. To Build Passions And Skills, Friendships And Confidence. Smartling, Why Is Extra-Curricular Important?

Well, Many Experts Out There Have Proven That Inspiring Activities Help To Improve School Attendance, Improve Grades And Improve Mental Health. Did You Know That, In The UK Today, Over A Million Children Have Emotional Or Mental Health Issues. Big Sigh. Mabel’s Enterprise Won’t Fix The Problem Alone, But It Will Bring Some Fun And Inspiration To Children’s Lives. And Feel Good About Doing So. But It Needs Your Help!

Darling Here! Oh Sweetheart Earthling, It Has Been An Absolute Joy To Meet You. Please Do Click Across To Our Shop And Check Out Our Books and Sustainably-Sourced Clothing Range For Your Little Darlings. Have A Lovely Day My Dear

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